Sirles Says: Trust in Week 2 improvement, and DiCaprio's acting

2013-09-06T22:55:00Z 2013-09-07T12:50:04Z Sirles Says: Trust in Week 2 improvement, and DiCaprio's actingBy BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star

Each week, senior offensive tackle Jeremiah Sirles shares his insights with Husker beat writer Brian Christopherson. Some football talk. Some randomness. It begins with Sirles saying what it was like last Saturday night after a team performance not up to its standards.

"My friends were in town, and we hung out and I went to the family tailgate, but I just wasn't in a very good mood. Dissatisfaction is the best way to put it. But we got the win. That's really what you're out to do. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't a good win, as I would say. But a win's a win and we just have to really, really improve from Week 1 to Week 2. Because, that was just sloppy. And after a game like that, I have a hard time. It just kind of sits and eats at my stomach for a while.

“Surprised wasn’t the word for me. Disappointment was probably the word for me. … It’s something we talk about all the time: Finish on the field. Don’t give the other team a chance. Victory formation is the best formation in football, and ending the game on the field is one of the best feelings that there is. Not being able to do that was very disappointing for all of us.

"The younger guys are going to look to the leadership. … And I think we have to set a good example that we come back to work no matter who our opponent is. Doesn't matter if we're playing Southern Miss this week or Alabama or Ohio State, it doesn't matter who it is, we have to prepare the exact same way every week."

(After watching game film and physically recovering, how do you unwind on a Sunday night before another week's grind?)

"I watched three movies, just got off my feet and hydrated. I watched 'Now You See Me,' 'Ironman 3' and 'The Great Gatsby.' All three are solid movies. I had never seen 'Gatsby,' and I enjoyed it. Leo (DiCaprio) killed it. Any movie Leo does is really good.

(Sirles' roommates include twin brothers Spencer and Jake Long).

"Geniuses. The Longs are just really smart individuals. They finally have a little bit of a break. I think they only have six hours left to graduate, so they're not having their normal grind of classes like organic chemistry, bio, whatever they take. They're extremely hard-driven, focused individuals, and I think that type of work ethic they have on the field turns over into their schooling as well.

"Sometimes we'll watch film together at home. Now that we have our iPads, we'll watch certain things and see if the other person sees the same thing, which is nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other. Like, 'Hey, did you see this?' And (the other guy says) 'No, but I did see this type of thing.' It's nice, because you struggle together, you come home, kind of rebuild and regroup and then you come back to work."

(The Colorado native Sirles is all-in on the Denver Broncos).

"I remember sitting on Sundays watching them with my dad and my grandpa. My grandpa hated the Broncos. He was a Raiders and Chiefs fan. And then my dad was a big Broncos guy. So I've struggled through the eras when we've been good, been bad, and now it looks like we finally have a team that can compete for the Super Bowl.

"I think I have close to 15 family members coming in this week from all over the place. A lot of them are CU grads, and I told them if they come in with anything but red, they're not getting a ticket."

Reach Brian Christopherson at or 402-473-7439. Follow him on Twitter @HuskerExtraBC.

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