Husker coach Bo Pelini isn't going announce a name when it comes to Nebraska's backup quarterback heading into Wyoming week.

The competition between redshirt freshman Tommy Armstrong and senior Ron Kellogg III continues, as it surely will all fall.

"Tommy's injury set him back a little bit. We're still working through that," Pelini said, referring to a cleanup procedure Armstrong had done to his knee before fall camp.

"When you add Johnny Stanton in there, you have four capable guys, but three guys that we feel really good about now. This week of practice will play a big part in where we decide to go from here."

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck has said that the decision on the backup QB could be a "situational" thing -- depending on time and circumstance in the game.

While Armstrong might have been slowed slightly at the beginning of camp, Pelini said the quarterback has been fully operational at practice for a while now.

"He's been going through contact," Pelini said.

* NEWBY ARRIVES: Pelini confirmed that linebacker Marcus Newby arrived in Lincoln on Saturday and would be ready to practice Monday.

The four-star recruit from North Potomac, Md., just received the news that he'd cleared a last academic hurdle.

One 2013 signee who won't be in Lincoln this fall is defensive end Dimarya Mixon. The product of Mesquite, Texas, has been waiting NCAA clearance on one test score.

Pelini said he expects Mixon to be in Lincoln by January, however.

* LONG RETURNS: Senior tight end Jake Long is back practicing after missing much of fall camp with a leg injury.

"He's ready to go," Pelini said.

The news isn't as good for redshirt freshman Sam Cotton. He had been battling a hamstring injury. Then he came back, only to twist his ankle.

Pelini categorized Cotton as "doubtful" for this week.

* WELCOME TO GAME WEEK: Camp's over. Now it's time to see what was learned.

You never know until the games start, but Pelini is encouraged by what his team accomplished during fall camp.

"I think we made significant progress as a football team," he said. "Now it's time to put it to the test and find out where we are and where we have to go. We're about where I thought we'd be, maybe even a little further ahead in some areas."

* SPECIALTY ITEM: Pelini said Nebraska's special teams are "pretty solidified," though he still wants to see how some players respond to their roles in game action.

"There's still a lot of competition. There's some guys, as you go, you have to find out about, too," Pelini said. "That's what the first couple of games is about, too, is finding out who's going to step up and who's going to be able to react when the lights go on for real.

"You're going to see some new faces, some guys with experience. It's going to be a good mix."

Pelini said his special teams go full-speed in blocking during fall camp, just not full-speed tackling with the risk of injury.

"We did that full-go in the spring, and coming out of the spring we had a pretty good idea. We saw how guys handled it live with the tackling," Pelini said.

* PRANK THOUGHTS: There's a good chance you've seen the video by now of Pelini pulling a prank on his team last week.

Pelini pretended to be angry at senior defensive tackle Thad Randle, who was in on the joke, after Randle's cellphone went off during a team meeting.

The coach briefly left the room, only to return with a hammer, which he used to smash the phone.

Randle gets up and leaves the room in disgust. "Let him go," Pelini says, before following him out to the hall.

After a few moments, amid sounds of a fight outside the room, the video screen at the front of the room reveals it was a joke, and the team is heading to a movie instead of to practice.

Pelini and Randle return triumphantly as the room erupts.

But before the joke was revealed, it sure got a few players' hearts beating fast.

What was senior defensive tackle Brodrick Nickens thinking as he watched the scene unfold?

"I was thinking about next practice time, 'Hey, so what happened between Bo and Thaddeus?' How do you explain that to all you guys?" Nickens said. "'Oh, hey, we lost a starting tackle and head coach.' That was literally what popped into my mind. This is going to be interesting to explain this one.

"It was good. None of us saw that coming, either. We had previously had a little incident with a phone going off and he was kind of mad, so it worked out well."

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