Red Report: Alonzo Moore 'electrifying,' Beck says

2013-03-25T22:30:00Z 2013-03-26T00:49:08Z Red Report: Alonzo Moore 'electrifying,' Beck says

Alonzo Moore continues to make an impression in practice.

He has caught the eyes of at least one key figure.

"He's just an electrifying player right now," Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck said Monday of the redshirt freshman wide receiver.

Beck quickly added, "He has a lot to learn. But he could be scary. He's fast."

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound Moore, of Winnfield, La., is playing different wideout positions in a corps that has ample veteran talent.

"We're kind of playing him all over right now -- probably hurting him a little," Beck said. "We could put him in a spot. But the more you can throw at him, and see what sticks -- and then you can peel back on him a little.

"I know his head's probably swimming some right now."

A reporter suggested Beck's comments about Moore were reminiscent of the way coaches talked about junior wideout Jamal Turner when Turner was a freshman.

"They're different (players)," Beck said. "I think Alonzo is faster. He's like Kenny Bell. He has Kenny Bell-type speed. If you were to say, 'Who does he remind you the most of,' it'd probably be Kenny."

* SAM COTTON RISING: Nebraska coaches know what they have in senior tight end Jake Long, a projected starter.

Has anybody behind Long made a jump?

"I think Sam Cotton's had the best spring to date," Beck said.

Beck also had words of praise for Nebraska's other young tight ends, including Trey Foster, David Sutton and Jared Blum.

Beck said Cotton, a 6-4, 235-pound freshman, has good hands and runs well. He needs to add strength and weight, but that's to be expected of a young player, Beck said.

Cotton is guided daily in practice by his father, Barney Cotton. Meanwhile, Jake Cotton, a junior, has a good chance to start at left guard, and tight end Ben Cotton last season completed his eligibility.

"Those guys are tough dudes, man," Beck said. "They play hard. They could have broken limbs and they're out there playing."

Look for Cotton, a Lincoln Southeast graduate, to play this season.

"He'll be helping us," Beck said. "He's going to have to."

* LUNCH-PAIL GROUP: Beck reeled off several names -- veterans and young players alike -- as he praised the offensive line's progress of late.

"I like that group," the coach said. "They come to work every day, man. That's my lunch-pail group."

* HOOPS BACKGROUND: Aaron Curry dipped his toes in the water last fall as a freshman, playing in the first four games of the year.

While Curry did not take a snap in conference play, the 6-1, 280-pound defensive tackle said that experience and the chance to take notes from some veterans last fall is helping him out this spring.

"I just learned a lot from the older guys," Curry said. "They just taught me how to say focused. Just think about the play before it already happens so you have a sense of what's going to happen so you'll be ready."

The son of former Oklahoma basketball player Aaron Curry Sr., he thought his future might be on the hardwood when he was growing up.

"I grew a different way," Curry said. "I wanted to grow taller but I grew wider."

Now that he's at Nebraska, the native of Keller, Texas, thinks it all worked out for the best.

Curry has formed a bond with others from the 2012 recruiting class. Members of that class often hang out on the weekends and push each other on the field, he said.

"We see the older guys leaving, so we just tell each other we've got the opportunity to step up and earn that spot and play on Saturdays. That's what we keep telling each other to hype each other up."

-- Steven M. Sipple and Brian Christopherson

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