Like a lot of Husker fans, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini wasn’t going to be able to sleep until he had another look at Saturday’s closer-than-expected 37-34 win over Wyoming.

Unlike the fans, though, Pelini said he came out of a late-night game video viewing encouraged.

“I think we’ll be significantly better (this week),” Pelini said at his Monday news conference. “I felt pretty good after watching the film. I learned a lot from the film and I think the players will learn a lot when they look at it. Obviously there are some adjustments that need to be made on both sides. We need to clean up play on both sides. I don’t think we played nearly up to our potential. That game will serve as a wake-up call to some guys.”

Pelini said the Huskers came out of the game pretty healthy, and that quarterback Taylor Martinez, who was seen with ice on his shoulder on the sideline, would be fine.

Mostly, Pelini was encouraged by the way his young players reacted to the crazy atmosphere of the game and adjusted to an experienced Wyoming offensive attack.

“I like the way we played in some instances,” Pelini said. “We got a lot of positives that came out of it. The good things got masked by things that happened that shouldn’t have happened. I think we will grow exponentially from that game.”

That said, Pelini also acknowledged the performance on Saturday wasn’t up to the level he wanted.

“We were happy to win, but there wasn’t a guy in the locker room – players or coaches - that was in any way satisfied with the way we played.”

The Huskers get a chance to show improvement on Saturday against Southern Miss, which lost its opener to Texas State 22-15.

“Southern Miss is a good football team,” Pelini said. “They threw for a lot of yards but they turned the ball over a lot (six times). They have good skill position players on offense and they are very skilled on defense. They’re fast and they play aggressively. They’re much better than the score indicated the other day and that’s going to happen when you turn the ball over.”

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