What the Huskers do on Sundays

(As told by Nebraska senior wide receiver Tim Marlowe)

1. For some road games, the team does not arrive back in Lincoln until late at night (or early Sunday morning), but the players are usually back at the stadium on Sunday morning for a quick workout and to rehab injuries.

“Sunday is our voluntary day. We don’t have to do anything. But we as a team decide to come in at 10 a.m., anyone who was on the travel roster. We come in and we run and we stretch and roll out and try to work out our muscles after a tough game. We’re normally here from about 10 to 11 a.m. Just a light workout to get the blood flowing. Sunday is definitely a lighter day on us.”

2. Some players will stay at the stadium to watch game film.

“On Monday we watch film as a position group, but some guys don’t like to wait until Monday, so we watch on Sunday. I personally like to go home and just relax at my house, put on some NFL games, and I’ll pull out my laptop and go over the offense and special-team’s film on my laptop by myself. I kind of like Sunday to be a day away from the stadium. Come in, get it over with and go home.”

3. With practices held Monday through Friday and games on Saturday, Sunday is the best day for players to relax.

“That’s the only day we really have much free time to ourselves. It’s a lot of fun to relax and watch the NFL and watch all the old Huskers play. And just a day to catch up on some schoolwork and stuff like that.”

4. For the players from different parts of the country, it can be tough for us to watch our favorite NFL teams play on Sunday.

“I’m a Cleveland Browns fan -- we don’t get many Cleveland Browns games out here -- but sometimes I’ll go to a restaurant to watch. I like to watch the Washington Redskins, where Niles Paul, DeJon Gomes and Roy Helu are at. Just watching a lot of old Huskers is a lot of fun.”

5. While Sunday can be an easier day for the players, the coaches are busy getting ready for the next opponent.

“I think Sunday might be the coaches' longest day. They’re up here all day Sunday until about midnight. That’s when they put in their most work, to watch film of who we’re going to play against that week.”

-- Brent C. Wagner