Nate Wells is an assistant football coach at Ord High School, and he watches games from the press box.

He’s the team’s eye in the sky, so he’s used to a view from above.

Although, not quite this high.

Wells is a new Nebraska season ticket-holder in the new upper deck of East Stadium, where he and his 13-year-old son, also named Nate, sat in the very top row.

“It’s awesome,” said Wells, who used to watch games from the sideline as a Nebraska student manager from 1997-2000. “I love this view.”

It’s a view, all right.

One fan told me he’d be honoring Nebraska’s former nickname, the Bugeaters, by sitting close enough to the lights, with the bugs.

Other fans draped a sign that read “WE CAN SEE WYOMING FROM HERE” over the upper section.

Wells wasn’t complaining. In fact, he requested the very last row, so he’d have the option of standing up without obstructing the view of those behind him.

Turns out, with as steep as the seats are, that’s not a problem.

“You could have a 7-footer sitting in front of you,” Wells said, “and you’d still be good.”

Wells and his son were in their seats an hour before the game and withstood a brutal sun.

“It might be a little warm up here early in the season, and it might be cold later on,” he said. “But I can tough it out.”

Just bring an oxygen tank, and probably some binoculars.

“I think for some people, seeing numbers might be an issue from up here,” Wells said. “But if you know the football team well enough, you know what players are what.”

Team Jack

As you probably expected, young Jack Hoffman was featured in the season-opening Tunnel Walk video.

The cancer patient, who became famous for his 69-yard touchdown run in Nebraska’s spring game, was shown on the video board with the ESPY he won this summer for Best Moment.

Hoffman’s story has affected those of all ages, as I learned when a couple of Lincoln children, the same age as Jack, recently made a nice gesture on Jack’s behalf.

Twins Hope and Paul Shortridge (both Husker fans and Royals fans) celebrated their eighth birthdays last week at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

At their request (yes, with some encouragement from their parents, Rob Shortridge and Kris Brenneis), guests were asked to not bring a gift, but instead purchase an Alex Gordon Team Jack T-shirt, with proceeds going to the Team Jack Foundation for pediatric brain cancer.

Going deep

Not all of the gold you saw in the stadium belonged to Wyoming. I saw several North Dakota State fans milling about, gladly accepting some hearty congratulations from Nebraska fans for the Bison’s victory Friday night against a certain team south of here.

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