Behind enemy lines: South Dakota State

2013-09-21T20:25:00Z 2013-09-21T21:51:09Z Behind enemy lines: South Dakota StateThe Lincoln Journal Star

Coach John Stiegelmeier: "We were tentative in tackling. We lined up wrong, not a number of times, but enough times against a good football team. You can't do that. Get lined up right and give yourself a chance. The first time we lined up wrong, we kept them to a 5-yard gain, and that was a positive. Our pass rush? Nonexistent. Even when we blitzed, they either threw the ball early, credit to them, or they picked it up."

Mike Shoff, redshirt freshman offensive lineman from Cambridge: "It was a real important game for me. A lot of people knew I really wanted to go to Nebraska. Things didn't work out, but I'm happy where I am now," said Shoff, the Journal Star boys' athlete of the year in 2012. "Coming back to Memorial Stadium, I had a lot of family, a lot of people who know me, so it was a much more emotional game for me."

Zach Zenner, running back: "We talk about just 'play in the present,' Actually, I believe that's a phrase coined by Nebraska's Tom Osborne, which is ironic. You can look back and see what went wrong and then you work to fix it."

R.C. Kilgore, linebacker: "You definitely had to keep track of who was in the game (at quarterback). When No. 4 was in the game, it was heavy option. Preparing for Martinez, there wasn't as much option."

Stiegelmeier: "I asked them (his players) to spend 20 minutes to think about their part of the game. I don't want them to hang their head on it. I want them to be mature about it. I want them to claim the present and not be giddy. This is not a fifth-grade baseball team, walking around with our heads down. Our goal was to win the football game. We didn't come close to playing like that. We didn't come down here to look around at a bunch of red shirts."

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