Sirles Says: Stakes in the ground with iPads nearby

2013-11-01T17:30:00Z 2013-11-28T21:19:11Z Sirles Says: Stakes in the ground with iPads nearbyBy BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star

Each week, senior offensive tackle Jeremiah Sirles shares his insights with Husker beat writer Brian Christopherson. Some football talk. Some randomness. This week, Sirles talks about the plane ride home after a bitter loss to Minnesota. He was busy on his iPad, already watching game film. Ah, technology …

"The way we have it set up now with the iPads, I gave mine to Mike Nobler of Nebraska video and said, 'Hey, can you have (the game) on there by the time we get on the plane?' He had it on there in, like, five minutes, and on the plane me and Butch (aka Jake Cotton) sat together and watched the whole thing, every play. That's kind of cool, kind of nice. Because, especially after a loss, you want to see what happened, the big picture. And so being able to get it out of your mind, instead of saying, 'What happened? What happened?' You can see it. It puts the mind at ease."

(Some would think you'd be more excited to rewatch a win. But in your case, it's the opposite?)

"When things go good, it's fun to watch when things are good. But when things went wrong, especially from an offensive lineman's standpoint, sometimes where you don't see the whole picture, and you want to see what happened in the backfield when the crowd went nuts or how it happened. So that's the truth. When it's a loss, I want to watch it more quicker than I do when it's a win."

(Jake Cotton is "Butch." Explain.)

"Myself, Jake Cotton, Jake Long and Spencer Long are a real good close group of friends, so we all hang out together. So it got confusing when we said, 'Hey, Jake.' His dad calls him Butch, so now Jake is Jake Long and Butch is Butch."

(What'd the airplane film session tell you and Butch?)

"One guy here, one guy there. Everybody took their turn, myself included (making mistakes). No one played perfect, and no one played their best game. The thing is, the defense gave us a chance to win the football game. Gave us the ball down by four, five minutes left. Last year we made those drives and we won. For some reason we didn't, and that's got to get fixed.

"Because, we know that's what teams are going to try to do us from now on. ... We know the other team is going to try to run the ball, get in third-and-manageable, get first downs, run the clock, because they don't want us on the field. But we have to make sure that when we do get on the field, we make the most of our opportunities, that we don't settle for three points, for a punt and good field position. We have to score a touchdown. And when we get a chance to go win the football game, we've got to go do that."

"Last year, we were in the exact same spot -- 2-1 in conference, got to win out to go to the championship (game). I think we put a stake in the ground last year and said we're going to do it. ... That's what it's going to come down to is, getting our work done during the week. How do we handle ourselves during the week? Make sure whatever we do, we do it to the fullest during the week. That's where it's going to change, is the leadership is going to have to step up and say, 'We've been here, we've done this.' We've got a lot of young guys. 'Follow us and this is how it's going to get done.'"

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