Sirles Says: Panic attack over, no accounting homework either

2013-11-08T16:25:00Z 2013-11-28T21:19:11Z Sirles Says: Panic attack over, no accounting homework eitherBy BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star

Each week, senior offensive tackle Jeremiah Sirles shares his insights with Husker beat writer Brian Christopherson. Some football talk. Some randomness. Good news this week. Sirles has recovered from his experience at the bottom of a victory dogpile that had him breathing into a paper bag in the locker room ... 

“I've calmed down since Saturday but that’s something I’ll remember forever."

(Did you go home Saturday night and do your accounting homework like Jordan Westerkamp?)

“That’s just kind of the way Westy is. He kind of goes about his business and takes care of what he needs to take care of. I tell you what, if I had accounting homework it could have waited until Sunday, but I didn't. ... Very quiet guy, very humble guy. Just one of the guys that you can say, ‘That man comes to work every day.’"

(Thoughts on Ron Kellogg running around like a crazy person.)

"It was so funny. He just took off running, throwing the hat. They showed him on BTN, and he’s got this crying, but, like, happy face going. It’s just the ugliest thing you've ever seen. That’s typical Ronnie. Just super-excited. Brings a lot of energy. That’s just how Ronnie is."

(Jake Cotton, another of your starting lineman brothers, goes down with injury. How tough was that to adjust to in-game?)

“It’s more of an emotional thing when you see one of your buddies go down like that. The same thing happened with Spencer (Long). When you saw Spencer go down, it was tough to stomach. But we knew we had to keep going. The game doesn't stop for that kind of stuff.

“It’s been a crazy year for that kind of stuff. That’s the game of football – adversity. I think we've done a pretty good job so far of handling adversity. But the big thing is, we've got to make sure we take care of the football more and that starts with us up front protecting Tommy (Armstrong), and Tommy making good decisions."

(Jake Cotton was wearing Spencer Long's No. 61 when he went down. Guys going to keep wearing that number after all this?)

"I think we are. That was unfortunate, what happened to Jake. But that’s something we made the decision to do … to keep him (Long) around us in a way. So I think we’ll continue to do it. ... I’m not into -- I don’t know what you’d call it -- bad karma or whatever. But I’m not nervous to wear it."

(How good is this Ameer Abdullah guy? And what about that fourth-down play?)

"The dude has no quit in him. He’s banged up, too, and he’s out there rushing for over 100 yards. He’s out there making people miss. On film, you watch him catch a low ball, turn around and there’s three Northwestern defenders between him and the first-down marker. And you could just see, as soon as he got it (the ball), there’s no way he wasn't getting to the first-down marker."

(Now comes your second trip to the Big House)

“I love going to places like that. ... They (the Wolverines) play very well at home, very confident, so we have to make sure we go out there and bring our own energy. Because, it’s not going to be like Minnesota or Purdue, where we’re going to be able to pack half the stadium with Nebraska fans."

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