It’s become something of a summer tradition here at the Journal Star to project the best of the best in the Big Ten (and, at one time in another galaxy far away, the Big 12) before the commotion of the football season hits.

Last year, the list focused on the Top 12 players. But a dozen wasn’t good enough in this summer of boredom without football. The list has been pumping iron and swelled to 20.

Any list like this, of course, will bring with it a differing opinion from anyone who reads it. And right off the bat, it should be stated that a couple of names that are on here are based more off the belief in their potential than what they’ve actually accomplished to date.

Above all, consider it a way to point out some of the main headliners in the fall that awaits.

We’ll work our way from 20 to 1. On Friday, it's Nos. 20-11. On Saturday, the Top 10.

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