There were too many Husker wide receivers in the postgame interview room to cover.

The Southern Miss secondary could no doubt relate.

As you might guess, on a day when 10 different Huskers caught passes, confidence abounded.

Junior wide receiver Quincy Enunwa said the goal, in a word, was to “dominate.” And sophomore Jamal Turner?

“Every time we come off the field, we all look at each other and say, ‘We have the best receiving corps in the nation,’” Turner said. “And even if it’s not true, we don’t care. We feel that we have the best receiving corps in the nation.”

The Huskers funneled receivers in and out of the game constantly — from the better-known Kenny Bell and Enunwa to up-and-comers such as Tyler Wullenwaber and Tyler Evans.

“The great thing is it doesn’t tax your guys,” receivers coach Rich Fisher said. “You always want to play as many guys as you can, but you don’t just play guys to play them. I’ve always talked to my guys that I don’t want any drop-off. I will never put a guy in the game and feel like the guy that’s going in the game is not as good as the guy he just replaced.”

While it might look chaotic to shuffle guys in and out at such a rapid pace, it’s a controlled chaos, Turner said, with everyone having a good understanding of when to come in.

“The main thing is everybody knows the offense, and as you can see when we know the offense, we play pretty good and put up a lot of points,” Turner said.

* EARNING IT: Wullenwaber is a prime example of a player who has worked hard in the offseason to gain Fisher’s trust and make him part of that growing receiver rotation.

Known as one of the fastest guys on the team, the 6-foot-1, 195-pound sophomore walk-on from Utica recorded his first career catch Saturday.

“When I came in a year ago he was on the scout team, and I barely even knew the kid’s name,” Fisher said. “But, obviously, he studied hard. I remember all last season when I was meeting with our top travel guys, he would always be in the room even when he didn’t have to. And that was kind of a telltale sign to me.”

Naturally fast, Wullenwaber never really even lifted weights until he arrived at Nebraska.

The strength program here put 20 pounds on him. He got even faster. Now he’s getting a chance to show it in games.

“I was really nervous before the game, but once that first play was off, I was ready to go,” he said. “I had so much fun. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Quotes on the run

“Our lesson this week was we want to be like Job. No matter what the trials. That South Carolina game was a difficult one to stomach. None of us felt good about that. Really, you look at the Big 12 title games, two of those things in a row and then the South Carolina game, that’s tough. And you have to develop traction from the friction, and that’s what’s taking place. I think our football team is understanding instead of pouting about it, we have to pull together.” — Ron Brown

“You guys know. It’s the talk. It’s been the talk. And the talk is, ‘Well, you can talk about it all you want but the proof is in the pudding, you gotta execute it.’ But I think you guys saw there’s definitely a difference in who he is.” — Rich Fisher on Taylor Martinez

“I don’t know who’s the fastest. Ameer’s (Abdullah) really fast, too. To us, that stuff really doesn’t matter.” (As for having a race in practice?) “They’ve established that’s not a good idea.” — Tyler Wullenwaber

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