They said it: “I asked Coach to do it. … I thought it was the way it should be.” – Bo Pelini on Tom Osborne’s final Tunnel Walk

From the mouth of babes: I always wonder how much current players really know about Osborne, especially those from out of state. As Ron Brown pointed out, a couple of his running backs were just learning to walk when Nebraska was loading up on championship hardware under Osborne in the mid-1990s. But listen to Alabama native Ameer Abdullah talk about Osborne leading the team out of the tunnel: “I get kind of choked up talking about it,” the sophomore said. “Even just being here two years, I know how much he means to this program, this state, just everything dealing with Nebraska.”

Taking forever: It’s always a good thing when you can play your backups as Nebraska did. But for all those who gripe when coaches don’t put in backups in sooner, you saw Saturday why they’re sometimes reluctant to so. The Huskers slogged to the finish line. “That second half lasted about three years,” Pelini said. “Maybe it was just me … but that clock, if there would have been one more TV timeout, I think I might have just taken it to the house.” I admit I went to the postgame room with six minutes left to watch the end of the Ohio State-Wisconsin game. Don’t tell my boss.

On the other hand … Bo Pelini’s postgame talk with reporters clocked in at 5 minutes, 15 seconds. There’s good reason. Only so many questions and answers to give about that game.

For the love of realignment: So Maryland and Rutgers might join the Big Ten. Really? I know the argument: It expands the Big Ten’s footprint. It gives the league bigger TV markets. It also dilutes the league. It hurts rivalries. More teams means less head-to-head matchups between certain programs. Also, we’re talking about Maryland and Rutgers here. I don’t see those programs as a cultural fit the way I think Nebraska fits into this league. Consider me unimpressed and disappointed if this goes down.

-- Brian Christopherson

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