Parkview Christian head coach Larry Frost admits this season really hasn’t been exactly what he thought it would be.

Sure, the Patriots are 2-1 and appear poised to make another run at a playoff berth. However, this squad looked destined to be possibly the best in the school’s history.

Led by a potent backfield of four-year starting quarterback Jared Polivka and running back Nathan Davenport, the Patriot offense that averaged 36 points per game last year looked to even be better. The team returned five starters on offense and six on defense.

But the circumstances changed early on for Parkview Christian.

Davenport tore his interior and exterior meniscus on a routine hit and is lost for the season.

“If we had both Nathan Davenport and Jared Polivka in the backfield and on defense, along with some other kids, I would say that this would have been the best team we’ve had here,” Frost said. “Now we are still very good, but we just miss Davenport. Right now I would say it is as good if not better than our team that made the playoffs.”

Without his partner in the backfield, Polivka has picked up the slack on a team with just 20 players suiting up.

The Patriots are averaging more 40 points per game despite losing to Sterling 30-14 last week.

Frost said Polivka’s leadership as quarterback and in the secondary has been impressive.

“Jared really has picked up the slack for us,” Frost said. “We’re trying. He’s a leader. He’s doing a lot of things for us. We are really shorthanded out of the backfield.”

Even though he’s coached for more than 40 years, Frost said he still is learning something new, and even has tried to implement some new packages and plays that his son Scott, a former Husker standout and current assistant coach at Oregon, taught him in the offseason.

If the Patriots are going to keep their goals alive, the burden will fall on the veteran quarterback’s shoulders. Frost said he is confident that Polivka will be up for the challenge.

“He’s been great so far,” Frost said. “I knew he’d be a good player, but he has probably surpassed my predictions.”