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Brian Rosenthal: Durant is league's best player, but Law is MVP
Brian Rosenthal: Durant is league's best player, but Law is MVP

LAWRENCE, Kan. — I wonder if Greg Sharpe had any breath by halftime?

Nebraska’s interim play-by-play radio announcer, filling in for Jim Rose on the Husker Sports Network for Saturday’s game against Kansas, would’ve probably appreciated a, shall we say, less eventful first half.

Aside from doing some small- college games, Sharpe hadn’t served as a play-by-play radio voice since calling Kansas State games from 1996-2002.

Nothing like 10 touchdowns before the marching band to knock off the rust, huh?

Sharpe was joking after the game about the two-hour first half, and how he should charge Host Communications some overtime.

How long Sharpe remains on boards seems unclear.

We’re told that Rose was out of action because of personal reasons. Judging by the mood in the Husker radio booth, I’d say it was more than a simple case of the flu or a bad cold. Rose’s colleagues were very tight-lipped (and professional) when discussing the abrupt situation.

Whatever the case, let’s hope Rose’s personal situation isn’t serious.

Sharpe, by the way, will also host Bill Callahan’s weekly television show.

We’re Kansas, thank you

Think Kansas football fans have a wee bit of a complex when it comes to that other university down I-70?

A group of sky divers landed at midfield before Saturday’s game at Memorial Stadium. One of them landed with a purple parachute. He got booed.

That was nothing, though, compared to what referee Randy Christal heard in the first half, when he announced to the crowd that Kansas State had taken a timeout.


Once those boos subsided, Christal corrected himself. It mattered little.

Interesting tidbit: Later in the game, Kansas sports information personnel passed out a sheet that corrected the list of officials; seems they didn’t want Jon Bible (incorrectly listed on the original program as head referee) getting blamed.

By the way, those boos turned to cheers when the scoreboard flashed this final score: Iowa State 31, Kansas State 20.

Going deep

* Just for comparison’s sake, Kansas beat Nebraska 92-39 in basketball here last season.

* It’s getting rather tiresome, thumbing through the record book week after week, searching for the “last time when” answers.

* Ever accidentally drive through somebody’s homecoming parade? Good thing they didn’t notice the Nebraska plates.

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