He sounds much like his older brother. Says similar things in the same monotone.

Drake Martinez hears that a lot.

Ah, but their personalities differ, he says.

"I think I'm a little more laid-back than Taylor," Drake Martinez said of the Nebraska senior quarterback. "I think Taylor is more of a strict fellow, I guess."

Taylor Martinez, to be sure, comes across as a no-nonsense sort. I like that about him. Husker coach Bo Pelini likes that about him.

Pelini also likes the vigor with which Drake Martinez attacks ball carriers. The younger Martinez, after a sterling career at Laguna Beach (Calif.) High School, was recruited as a safety in Nebraska's class of 2013.

Watch Drake Martinez's video. He seemingly was put on Earth to play the position, such are his instincts for getting to the ball and his aggressiveness. In our discussion Friday, I pointed out his tendency toward viciousness -- albeit a controlled viciousness.

"Well, I don't try to tackle friendly," he said with a chuckle.

In addition to being more laid-back, Drake Martinez mentions another way he might be different from his brother.

"I think I'm a meaner person," he said matter-of-factly. "I think quarterback is Taylor's spot. He's more composed than me."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Drake Martinez strongly considered attending Michigan State. San Diego State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt also were in the picture. You couldn't help but wonder whether he might choose to carve his own path somewhere other than Nebraska, away from his brother.

He said he never thought about it that way.

"I wanted to go to the college where I felt most comfortable," he said.

Having Taylor in Lincoln helped raise Drake's comfort level. After all, he said, Taylor is his best friend. They speak daily via phone. They keep tabs on their schoolwork and workouts. They also play Xbox online. Who doesn't, right?

As far as feeling comfortable at Nebraska, it also helped that the Martinez family has a tight bond with Pelini.

"He's a straightforward person, and I really like that," Drake said.

What's more, Drake likes the culture in Lincoln. In some ways, he said, it reminds him of Laguna Beach. They both are tight-knit communities, he said. And know this: Drake isn't "a beach person."

Although the Martinez family lives about 100 yards from the beach, Drake has ventured into the Pacific Ocean only twice.

"I'm scared of sharks," he said flatly.

He does play sand volleyball and also likes to bowl. So, yeah, Lincoln -- a volleyball town with a knack for churning out professional bowlers -- could indeed be a good spot for him.

It heartens me that Drake Martinez feels Lincoln, and the state of Nebraska, could be a good fit. It heartens me because Taylor Martinez has endured withering attacks from Husker fans, particularly on message boards and other social media.

Granted, such criticism goes with the territory. It happens at several high-profile programs, or so goes the rationalization. At any rate, it can get especially brutal at dear ol' NU. Ask Jammal Lord. Or even Scott Frost. During the recruiting process, I wondered whether the harsh (and at times ignorant) nature of the attacks on Taylor might drive Drake to another school.

It wasn't a factor, he said.

"I think Taylor disregards all of it and focuses on the next game," Drake said.

For his part, Drake Martinez pays no mind to media or message boards. Bottom line, he is Taylor's No. 1 fan.

"Taylor is the most competitive kid I've ever met, or seen," Drake said. "We're a very competitive family. If Taylor loses in something, he won't sleep on it until he wins."

Drake said he feels no pressure following in his brother's footsteps. He just plans to do the best he can. It's really that simple, he said.

Pelini said he purposely gave Drake plenty of space during the recruiting process, perhaps a bit too much at times.

"It started getting a little too close (as the Feb. 6 Signing Day neared)," Pelini said. "I got on the phone and said, 'We need to figure this out.' It became really clear that he knew this was the place for him."

As for the obligatory "who's faster?" question, Drake said, "It's real close. But I don't think anybody could beat Taylor in a race right now."

Drake Martinez, in his own right, has a rather amazing streak going. He never once has missed watching Taylor play a football game -- dating to junior pee-wee games in Lake Elsinore, Calif.

"My whole family is close," said Drake, one of seven children in the family. "That's just how my dad (Casey Martinez) raised us, to be close with each other."

Even if it means being far from the beach.

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