Many people and nations around the world view President Donald Trump as unpredictable and, therefore, hard to work with and difficult to negotiate with. However, they are comparing Trump to the actions of previous presidents who possessed rational, honest, empathetic and mature temperaments.

Trump possesses none of these traits because he is mentally ill. Plain and simple, he is a sociopath, bordering on being a psychopath.

Take a look at these characteristics of sociopaths and psychopaths: has a grandiose self-perception, an absence of remorse or guilt, is a pathological liar, displays shallow emotional responses, is very manipulative, instigates violent behavior, shows a lack of compassion, commits many criminal offenses, displays immaturity and has poor behavioral control.

Not only does Trump display all of these characteristics, but his actions become perfectly predictable and understandable. We can now predict what Trump will do in any situation in the future, knowing he is a sociopath and mentally unstable. Our next move should be to remove him from office using the 25th Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

Once the Republicans pass the tax reform bill -- and, therefore, have something to campaign on when they go back to their districts -- I believe they will trigger the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office. They are as distressed with him as most of the country is.

Let’s just hope that happens before we find ourselves in a nuclear winter.

Suzanne V. Shackelford, Lincoln


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