UNL Graduation 2017

LINCOLN, NEB - 05/06/2017 Family members waive to familiar University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduates during a commencement on Saturday, May 6, 2017, at Pinnacle Bank Arena. MATT RYERSON, Journal Star

MATT RYERSON, Journal Star

According to Republicans in Congress, I am paid $25,500 by the University of Nebraska. In truth, I only see about $9,400 in my take-home pay. I will never get to see the roughly $16,100 the college "pays" me in my tuition waiver.

I do not get to choose how to spend that, how to invest that, how for it to best benefit me. I cannot keep more of that in a lean month or spend more at the holidays. I cannot use it on rent, utilities or food.

I do not live like a person with $25,500 of income. I live like I have $9,400 of income.

Under the House tax plan, my taxes would go from an expected return of $125 to a bill of $1,600, or about 17 percent of my income. This is a hardship those of us pursuing higher education should not be asked to endure.

Kevin Madden, Lincoln


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