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Telephone Museum

After nearly 25 years at 21st and M streets, the Frank H. Woods Telephone Museum is closing. The museum could not find an affordable new home after it was told it needed to move with the development of the Telegraph District.

Journal Star file photo

What is the Telegraph District without the telephone and telegraph museum? How can there be nods to the history of the area without the history being there to represent it?

I call on and challenge Speedway and Nelnet, who are the cornerstone businesses, to rise up and subsidized this museum. Speedway and Nelnet need to combine together and help this museum stay open.

The reality is there’s not a lot of traffic at the museum. It’s probably because very few know about it and where it’s actually located. It’s not highly advertised, but there's history that people would find interesting and it should be saved.

Don't let the history be sold away and divided out. It’s incomplete if the collection isn't together. They’re just oddities and interesting things to look at if they're separated. It needs more respect than that.

Frank H. Woods Telephone Pioneer Museum is necessary in some form. Don't let Lincoln's telephone and telegraph history be shipped away to other history museums for the telephone industry and the telegraph industry. Keep this here in our city, in our district -- we need to do something quickly!

Museum owners told the Journal Star ("Museum ringing off for last time," May 1) they don't know when they're going to close, but it's soon. They're having people go through things and they're starting to find out who wants to buy stuff. Don't do this -- don't let this happen.

Nelnet and Speedway, please keep this museum as part of the district. Don't let it go away. Don't let it disappear into history!

Susan Goth, Lincoln


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