Ben Sasse, Deb Fischer

Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer

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To Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse: It is difficult to cover all issues regarding the House and Senate tax bills since the two are currently dissimilar.

However, adding to the deficit in order to provide more wealth to the already wealthiest at the expense of the middle and lower wage earners of our country is wrong. The "trickle down economic" theory has been proven to be false, and even corporate heads have declined to promise increased corporate expenditures following passage of the tax bill.

Authors of the Reagan tax bill have come out against this approach to taxes. Corporate tax cuts are permanent, while individual tax cuts expire in 10 years. Complicating the Senate tax bill by including a provision on the Affordable Care Act costing 13 million Americans their insurance is further reason for the tax bill to be defeated.

There are so many issues in these tax bills that will deleteriously affect the lives of Nebraska's middle and lower wage earners as well as affect our higher educational students and institutions and charities that it is beyond belief that it can pass.

If these policies are passed primarily because our Republican Party needs a win, the majority of the citizens of Nebraska and the United States will suffer for decades to come. If our senators choose party over the financial security of Nebraskans, then it is time for replacing them.

Keith Dubas, Lincoln


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