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LPS town hall, 04.05.2018

Community leaders, school leaders, a student and a concerned parent joined a panel for Thursday's town hall meeting on school safety at Lincoln High School.

KAYLA WOLF, Journal Star

I was saddened but not surprised to read the comments of Jane Kinsey — “The bottom line is: Who’s going to pay for it?" ("Sorting out school safety," April 6). Her organization always seems to view issues of public concern in terms of dollars and cents.

I’d pose a different question: What are we willing to do as a community to help assure the safety of our children and grandchildren?

Children represent the future of Lincoln, and money spent to help assure their safety is an investment. I wouldn’t have a problem with a slight increase in property taxes if this expenditure could help prevent another Parkland or Sandy Hook tragedy.

William Davenport, Lincoln


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