Husker football practice, 11/7

Nebraska head football coach Mike Riley (right) smiles as he walks around during football practice on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017, at Hawks Championship Center.


I know people will put me down and disagree with me and say that I am wearing rose-colored glasses. But I have enjoyed Nebraska football so much more these past three years than I have since I was in college from 1965-1970.

We have had season football tickets since 1961. I had lost that obsession with attending games. I had lost that killer instinct. I had not cared to watch the antics of coaches on the sidelines.

Since Mike Riley, however, I wanted to go to games. I have yelled and cheered and commiserated with those around me.

At one game, a couple sat in front of us who actually sang the words of the fight songs. Of course! They were from the '60s and members of Corn Cobs and Greek houses, while I was fiercely independent in college. We all knew the words to the songs.

I love Mike Riley and the Husker team, and I found it easy to be blindly optimistic, while sighing frequently.

In the past, it wasn't so much fun for me to always win, mow down opponents and know in advance the outcome. I enjoyed the excitement of not knowing, the hoping, the never-ending belief in our team. I hated the naysayers, especially those announcing games and writing newspaper stories.

Winning has never been primary in my mindset. You tell me that this team wasn't trying, that they didn't want to win? They are our children, our future and our hope.

For once, I wanted nice guys to finish first. You know what? Nice guys did finish first. First in appropriate behavior, first in caring.

Mike Riley needs to know that we care about him, too. Go Big Red, Coach Riley! Thanks for all your time and effort.

Sandy Amos, Tecumseh


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