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The freedoms we are privileged to have in our constitutional republic have survived only because of the rule of law balanced with individual freedoms. Our freedoms can last, however, only if our Constitution lasts, in situ.

But there are those among us who may never appreciate or honor our democracy and the highly unique role our constitutional government plays in our daily lives.

Many now suffer the near-sighted, emotional, knee-jerk reactions of gun control but fail to remember the blessings of living free come with a responsibility to defend our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They forget we are the greatest nation in the history of mankind only because the high cost of our freedom has been paid for so dearly and our Constitution has been so strongly defended.

There are those who strive to alter our Constitution and our way of life, who will gladly jeopardize their own freedoms to satisfy liberal egalitarian fantasies. One such fantasy is gun control.

If you oppose the right to bear arms as stipulated so clearly in the Second Amendment, you oppose our freedoms and our liberties, and you render yourself un-American. You are the domestic enemy because those who support such foolishness may easily render our remaining rights vulnerable to further revision or elimination altogether.

Without the pillars of our Constitution standing strong as the foundation of our freedoms, we will be forced to spend our lives under the fists of tyranny.

John Fairbanks, Wahoo


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