Fireworks explode over the Nebraska State Capitol to conclude the Nebraska 150 Celebration on Friday.


I want to congratulate Superintendent Mike Lucas of York Public Schools for his excellent Local View on public school funding ("Time to revamp public school funding," Oct. 20).

He is exactly on point in describing the problem on how to finance public schools. Every state legislator needs to read his article and ask themselves if it is OK that almost three-fourths of the public school districts in Nebraska receive no state aid. Is this what they contemplated when they set up the formula for state aid distribution?

Property taxes, especially on the ag sector, are nearing confiscatory levels. Because of this and low commodity prices, an ag crisis is rapidly building that will affect all Nebraskans -- as we're seeing a continuing state budgeting problem.

Every year now for years, the legislators hear that the main concern statewide is property taxes. But, when they get to Lincoln, nothing happens, and most of the discussion is on income taxes.

The issue of property taxes needs to be subjected to a statewide vote. Property taxes cannot continue to be the main provider for public schools, counties, community colleges, natural resource districts and so on.

I would propose an anti-property tax rally at the Capitol while the Legislature is in session. The silent majority needs to be more proactive and silent no more. Anyone who agrees with this proposal should get on social media and express their support.

With a large turnout, maybe the Legislature will finally get the message. If they don't there are more drastic measures we can consider.

Milan Tomek, Table Rock


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