I'm sorry that some individuals fail to see the giant difference between working for any state institution and being a professor or instructor at a state university.

University teachers are protected, as they should be, from governmental whims. Without that protection, free exchange of ideas and free discussion would not be able to take place. Hence, the glorious history of our land grant colleges would soon come to an end.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1956 and have forever been appreciative of the ideas and intellectual discussions I was privileged to encounter -- and I never categorized them as either progressive or conservative either.

Today, I am long retired and live in Virginia but count me as a supporter of the American Association of University Professors letter. To attempt to injure the University of Nebraska in any way would be a big mistake with devastating consequences for all Nebraskans and to the alumni of that important institution.

If this country we all love is going to continue to lead the world, we must keep politics out of higher education.

James Walton, Arlington, Virginia