Nebraska vs. Penn State, 11/18/17

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley watches the first-half action at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa., on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017.


Dear Sir,

The fact that I can address you as sir and have it mean everything good that the title implies is a testament to what you have represented to this program over the last three years.

I am truly sorry, sir, that things did not work out better. By all accounts, you are a man of exemplary class. Unfortunately, ours is a cold universe that exacts a loss for every win allotted, with consequences that do not take into account a man’s character.

It is true that fans have a right to be frustrated. But to the extent that those frustrations represent an undue devotion to the game of football at the expense of humanity and virtue, we sincerely apologize and ask your forgiveness.

If you have paid your taxes honestly, given to every man his due and maybe a bit more, been faithful to your wife and children, loved beyond class and creed and given the best you had to give -- then walk from this place with your head held high, for the number of men whose private integrity matches their public display is truly rare and precious.

On behalf of true Nebraskans everywhere, I wish you the best of success. No amount of losing on the field need stand between you and your hearing the ultimate accolade: “Well done, you good and faithful servant."

Aaron Smith, Holdrege


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