Iowa vs. Nebraska volleyball, 11/25/17

Confetti rained down on the Nebraska volleyball team after the Huskers claimed the Big Ten championship Saturday at the Devaney Sports Center.

KAYLA WOLF, Journal Star

After watching the ESPN selection show for the NCAA volleyball tournament, listening to what the announcers were saying makes it very obvious that they were not unbiased in any manner.

Stating that Kentucky was selected because they played in the SEC, which they claimed was the toughest conference in the country, just reinforces the belief that the networks, ABC/ESPN and Disney decide who they want to play in the title games.

In football, they would prefer to have all four teams be from the SEC, and now it seems that they want to keep other teams out of the championship matches to ensure their statement of the SEC being the best by tilting the playing field. I suspect that the same media help establish the RPI of all teams, hence Kentucky having the highest RPI in the land.

How does a Nebraska, or any Big Ten team that is above .500, rank so much lower than a mid-grade SEC team?

Andy Gueck, Lincoln


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