Husker football practice, 11/7

Nebraska head football coach Mike Riley (right) smiles as he walks around during football practice on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017, at Hawks Championship Center.


As a lifelong Husker fan, I have something to say: The firing of Mike Riley has been heartbreaking.

Was it the correct move? Yes, I believe it was. I do not think he is the correct head coach for the football team. But I very much believe he belongs here. He is one of us. He brings a level of integrity and class to this university that all of Nebraska should be proud of.

Give him a job, please. Recruiter? Life coach? High school liaison? Anything!

Tell me, who is a better fit to represent the University of Nebraska than Mike Riley? It’s the right thing to do. I refuse to believe we can’t make this work.

In today’s world of scandals, shortcomings and shady business practices in collegiate athletics, let’s take this opportunity to do the right thing. Let’s set an example not only for Nebraskans but for the entire NCAA.

The good guys can win, too.

Zach Korner, Council Bluffs, Iowa


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