An adage states, “Any fool can destroy and tear down, but it is wisdom and skill that builds, conserves and preserves.” The proposed budget submitted in May by the president is very foolish, as it is based on increased spending to destroy while slashing spending that builds, conserves and preserves.

The budget calls for an increase of $54 billion for the Pentagon for more weapons and war. The U.S. already spends more on war than the next seven nations combined, most of whom are considered our allies.

The past 16 years, the Pentagon has spent $3 trillion on the destruction of Middle Eastern nations to combat “terrorism.” The result of this foolishness is that our bombs have reduced these nations to rubble while spawning more hatred and enemies. Former defense secretaries have stated there are no military solutions to the devastation that the U.S. has wreaked on the people of the Middle East.

Another reason this increased spending should be rejected is that the Defense Department is the one federal department that has never been audited. There is waste and bloated spending with no accountability. Increased military spending, alongside tax cuts, is the largest contributing factor to our $20 trillion national debt.

Nebraska’s two senators are members of the Senate Armed Service Committee. Both seem to believe that the more that is spent on war will somehow make us respected and strong. It is an illusion that is destroying whatever moral leadership this nation is perceived to possess.

As a combat veteran of a foolish war 50 years ago and a member of Nebraskans for Peace and Veterans for Peace, I urge citizens to contact our congressional delegation and reject this immoral budget.

Ron Todd-Meyer, Lincoln


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