National Police Week

Lincoln Police Officers salute in front of the Justice and Law Enforcement Center during a memorial ceremony Tuesday to honor fallen law enforcement officers during National Police Week. 

ERIC GREGORY, Journal Star

You probably won't see the name Carlos Brito in the national news, despite his having posed a potentially deadly threat to himself, the public and the police.

As reported Monday ("Chief: Officers showed restraint," Oct. 9), Lincoln police, with an off-duty county sheriff's deputy, apprehended Mr. Brito who was reportedly intoxicated, armed and firing randomly downtown. And no one was killed.

I've had positive experiences with the Lincoln Police Department on casework (working pro bono as a forensic entomology consultant on homicides) and as a private citizen (e.g., talking to officers after my son's recent car accident).

The story of Mr. Brito's arrest shows that well-trained, responsible officers do not have to meet violence with violence. Seeing how good officers handle difficult situations is one reason I am so incensed when police elsewhere kill suspects (of any race) in situations posing far less risk to officers or the public.

Well done, LPD, and shame on departments, communities and politicians that don't aspire to this standard.

Leon Higley, Lincoln


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