Nebraska City interchange

As work continues Thursday on an overpass, head-to-head traffic on Nebraska 2 flows along what will be exit and entrance ramps at the U.S. 75 interchange set to open this fall in Nebraska City.

ERIC GREGORY, Journal Star

The headline on front page of the Journal Star read, "Green Light saves green" (Dec. 27). This story may be accurate, and I compliment our Lincoln traffic engineer for improving traffic flow in Lincoln.

But we also drove through -- or, actually, around -- Nebraska City along Nebraska 2 as we returned from Kansas City.

Nebraska City has a population of 7,347. Highway 2 now bypasses Nebraska City. The new four-lane highway quickly and efficiently moves traffic around the city. The traveler does not encounter a single light to move to and from Interstate 29.

While in Lincoln, the same traveler must stop at numerous lights along Nebraska 2 to commute through the city. The design and efficiency of the Nebraska City bypass is excellent. I am confident it will save fuel, time and eliminate accidents.

While a town of just more than 7,000 can design and construct a bypass, Lincoln continues to inch towards the design and construction of a bypass that is long overdue. Mr. Mayor and City Council members, take a lesson from our friends in Nebraska City: Please implement a road system that works for this community.

Dave Jarecke, Lincoln


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