Scott Frost news conference, 12/3/17

Scott Frost reacts to a question during a news conference after being introduced as the new Nebraska head football coach on Sunday at Memorial Stadium.


Scott Frost's return to Nebraska has Husker football fans about as excited as we've seen in quite some time. It's been 20 years since Nebraska was even relevant in the NCAA, let alone vying for a championship or even an important bowl game. Perhaps good things are ahead for us.

We should keep something in mind, though: This is not Scott Frost's last coaching job. We've seen that he is a career-minded man, and that his decisions do have other people as factors, but that in the final beat he goes in the direction of what is best for him and his career.

The NFL buys out contracts often, and when they see good potential in a working coach, they generally get what they want, and Mr. Frost's next step would likely be as a sought-after offensive coordinator (or even head coach) for an NFL franchise. His contract here is seven years at $5 million per year. Would his fifth year at Nebraska be his last? His third? His seventh? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, we can likely expect a return to tougher, more mission-oriented football under this talented, driven young man.

Gerald Basham, Lincoln


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