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A StarTran bus pulls away from a designated bus stop near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's East Campus in mid-October.

ERIC GREGORY, Journal Star file photo

The Journal Star reported that "The city plans for the addition of concrete paths, benches and two shade structures" at Mahoney Park Dog Run ("Improvements planned at Mahoney Park Dog Run," May 11).

This is very nice, but what is the city doing for all of the people who rely on Star Tran buses to get around Lincoln? The improved new bus routes have been in place for a year and a half, yet I have seen no new benches or shelters at these new stops.

Many riders are elderly or otherwise physically challenged, and there is no place to sit and wait for a bus at nearly all of the bus stops, except the bus stops that were not relocated in 2016.

Does the city have a plan to get benches or shelters at most of the higher-use stops? Or do we have to spend another winter standing in a snow bank, slowly freezing to death, waiting for the bus to come?

City of Lincoln, please treat your bus riding citizens with more respect than the dogs.

Michael Staska, Lincoln


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