Shop the Blocks

Shoppers are whisked off to their destinations via bicycle taxis during the 10th annual Shop the Blocks event in downtown last November. The event is one of several that the Downtown Lincoln Association has sponsored during its 50-year history.

Journal Star file photo

The nice article about the Downtown Lincoln Association and its 50th anniversary ("DLA celebrates 50 years," Oct. 27) failed to mention an important but not glamorous function of the association.

The DLA has a crew that goes out every morning to empty trash containers, pick up cigarette butts off the sidewalks, clean up trash discarded among the plantings downtown and, in general, ensure that visitors to Lincoln see a clean, well-maintained downtown cityscape. The workers go out in rain, snow, sleet and heat of summer.

There are lots of trash containers throughout the downtown and Haymarket areas. Citizens could help by throwing their trash in the trash containers rather than just dumping it in the gutters or on sidewalks.

Terry Uland of DLA and his crew deserve the thanks of all Lincolnites. Let's all help Terry keep Lincoln looking neat and tidy!

Richard L. Schmeling, Lincoln


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