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At first glance, the two Nebraska 1st District House Democratic candidates appear to be fairly equal. Regarding the issues, they are similar, but a closer look reveals significant differences in terms of experience and abilities. This is why I choose to support Dennis Crawford for Congress.

As an attorney, Dennis has spent decades representing Nebraska’s workers, earning him the endorsement of Nebraska’s AFL-CIO. He has real-world experience in the courtroom and with the judiciary. He understands both Nebraska and federal law, how to maneuver within it and how to make a convincing argument for or against proposals.

This experience, paired with the leadership he shown within Nebraska’s Democratic Party, will make him a more effective member of Congress.

Throughout his career, Dennis has championed the rights of women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, disabled persons and victims of age discrimination. In Congress, he will use his experience and knowledge to continue to fight for these communities.

It would be hard to find a politician who doesn’t say he or she will stand up for their constituents in Washington, as I believe they all intend to do just that. In addition to that desire, they also need a skill set that enables them to get it done.

Being able to speak truth to power is good but being able to convince power that you’re right is better. Dennis is the only 1st District candidate with the experience and knowledge to do that.

Marrianne Williams, Lincoln


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