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Central Florida coach Scott Frost waves to fans before Friday's game against South Florida in Orlando, Fla. Frost has been linked to several jobs, including Nebraska's.


Dear Coach Frost,

As an avid Husker fan who wanted to see you as our head coach when it was open previously, I am hoping you will forgive Nebraska for its poor decision in not hiring you at that time.

I know it must be a very hard time for you and your family in deciding what you want to do, but let me add one more thing that might even be more important than just the coaching position: Where do you want to raise your family?

I believe you have family here who would love to watch their grandson grow up. This is a place with strong family beliefs and values, a low crime rate, where folks still leave their doors unlocked and kids can walk around without the worry, healthy fresh air to breathe, low driving congestion when you need to get around and, especially, people who generally care and smile when they greet you.

Darin Erstad decided to stay here with his family rather than possibly be the Los Angeles Dodgers manager because he decided that was more important than the big money he possibly could have had. Tom Osborne could have gone to the pros if he had wanted also but stayed at Nebraska because he knew he had something special here.

We hope you decide to come home for good, Scott, but that is your decision. We only hope you look at all the reasons why we feel Nebraska, the Good Life, is the right choice.

Susan Smith, Ontario, California


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