Nebraska teens take on Big Tobacco at Kick Butts Day rally

2014-03-20T10:29:00Z 2014-03-24T10:38:10Z Nebraska teens take on Big Tobacco at Kick Butts Day rally
March 20, 2014 10:29 am

Nearly 100 Nebraska teens marched to the State Capitol March 19 to rally against the marketing tactics of tobacco companies as part of a nationwide event known as Kick Butts Day. The rally was organized by No Limits, Nebraska’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement.

No Limits Youth Board member Madison Larimore of Bellevue spoke about her great aunt, who smoked until her recent death from lung cancer, saying that No Limits youth are engaged in a battle.

“All the tobacco industry has to lose is money,” said Larimore. “We are fighting for our mothers, brothers and significant others; our sisters, fathers, grandmothers and granddaughters. This war is personal.”

The mission of No Limits is to oppose an industry that creates and markets addictive and deadly products. Youth board member Sheri Crosier of Kearney told the crowd of teens that they can make an impact.

“We know what is wrong, and we are not afraid to get the word out and educate our friends and other teens around us,” Crosier said. “Go back to your hometowns and teach others what you have learned.”

The No Limits group began the day by meeting with individual state senators to discuss tobacco issues affecting youth.

“Tobacco companies continue to come up with new products and packaging that appeal to young people,” said Molly Kincaid, No Limits program coordinator. “Kick Butts Day is an important way for No Limits youth to learn how to fight against Big Tobacco where they live.”

Kick Butts Day is a nationwide event promoted by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to encourage youth to stand out, speak up and seize control in the fight against Big Tobacco. Additional information about tobacco use, including state-by-state statistics, can be found at

No Limits takes action to minimize the impact tobacco has in Nebraska. The group is open to all Nebraska youth in grades 7–12. To learn more or to apply for a position on the No Limits Youth Board, visit or contact Kincaid at 866-394-8336 or

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