COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA - Universal Dance Academy took a team of 70 members ranging in age from 5 to 18 to the Kids Artistic Revue “KAR” at the Mid-America Center here May 5-7. Members competed in lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop and production.

Universal’s team competed in three levels of the competition. The team took top honors in several levels and categories.

UDA co-owners Vivian Ball and Angela Beery received the highest achievement by being awarded the 2017 KAR TOP Elite Competitive Division Studio, given to the studio with the highest scoring dances overall in the elite division.

Universal owners and instructors commended the teamwork and dedication to technique and performance that each team member shares. Striving to be their best and always being positive are the proper goals that helped this team achieve such great awards and memories that will last forever, they added.

UDA's production number received Elite 1st Over-all in the Competitive Division. Universal’s Repertory production team, consisting of 55 dancers, performed their rendition of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” choreographed by Angela Beery, Vivian Ball & Sarah Hartman. The production number consisted of jazz, contemporary and musical theatre styles of choreography.

Universal takes great pride in production numbers which have been a lasting tradition for over 23 years. The team added their newest and youngest mini dancers to this team and several were new to competition dance. 

Universal takes pride that each dancer on their team trains in all forms of dance at the highest technique level. Universal’s Competitive team was honored that KAR selected “Got the Love” senior jazz small group for the nomination to the Jazz Industry Dance Award, “Brand New” senior tap small group nominated for the Tap Industry Dance Award, and “We Comin' For Ya” teen line hip hop nominated for the Hip Hop Industry Awards. “We Comin' For Ya” also received the Video Of the Week award and the Most Entertaining award. These three pieces where the highest-scoring pieces in each genre.

"Universal Dance Academy is very proud of all the accomplishments received at KAR with the entire team," the owners said in a joint statement. "The Instructors feel very blessed that their students are rewarded for all the time and commitment this art form requires.

The co-owners and instructors at Universal encourage their competitive students to compete to give more performance opportunity, build confidence, and excel in technique.

UDA results at the KAR:

TOP Production Elite Overall winner: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Claire Baker, Lillian Ball, Hudson Beery, Madison Behrens, Nicole Birkel, Kelsie Bliss, Paige Brophy, Maya Conrad, Hayden Danburg, Dani Danburg, Phoenix Decker, Olivia Foster, Dottie Francisco, Ruby Francisco, Ava Freeman, Lexie Gibson, Halie Gibson, Chloe Hallett, Jennie Hammel, Addison Hasenpflug, Kamarie Jenkins, Claire Johnston, Carrie Keating, Aja King, Logan Kleffner, Alana Kleffner, Caitlyn Kleinschmit, Alexis Leuty, Bailey Leuty, Sadie Lewis, McKinzey Lile, Hunter Long, Emma Luci, Madilyn Lundy, Hanna Lyons, Ellie Maguire, Sarah Mathis, Allison McElroy, Kashtyn Mays, Bailey Nelson, McKenzie Ngu, Ella Noecker, Haylee Schlender, Lucy Schwartz, Sophie Sherman, Natalie Shield, Sidney Stephan, Emory Throener, Emily Vaggalis, Hattie Vyhlidal, Emery Wenz, Fayth West & Patia Wolfe. TOP Elite 12-14 Line Over – All: “We Comin For Ya” (Hip Hop) Beaudree Ball, Lillian Ball, Hudson Beery, Jack Beery, Paxton Beery, Maddie Behrens, Kelsie Bliss, Maya Conrad, Olivia Foster, Ava Freeman, Halie Gibson, Lexie Gibson, Chloe Hallett, Addison Hasenpflug, Aja King, Caitlyn Kleinschmit, Madilyn Lundy, Dalton Pinzon, Lucy Schwartz, Emory Throener & Emily Vaggalis. TOP Elite 12-14 Large Group Over – All Winner: “Home” (Lyrical) Lillian Ball, Hudson Beery, Maddie Behrens, Rose Copes, Olivia Foster, Lexie Gibson, Jennie Hammel, Addison Hasenpflug, Carrie Keating, Sarah Mathis, Emily Vaggalis & Emery Wenz. TOP Elite 15-19 Small Group Over – All Winner: 1st Place “Brand New” (Tap) Lillian Ball, Jack Beery, Kelsie Bliss, Claire Johnston & Allison McElroy. 3rd Place “Got the Love” (Jazz) Lillian Ball, Paige Brophy, Rose Copes, Halie Gibson, Claire Johnston, Emma Luci & Allison McElroy. TOP Elite 15-19 Duo/Trio Over – All Winner: 1st Place “You’re All I Need To Get By” (Tap) Jack Beery & Kelsie Bliss. 2nd Place “When It’s All Over” (Contemporary) Lillian Ball, Claire Johnston & Allison McElroy. 3rd Place “Don’t Let Go Yet” Jennie Hammel, Carrie Keating, Sarah Mathis. TOP Elite 15-19 Solo Over – All Winner: 2nd “Crazy In Love” (Tap) Kelsie Bliss. 3rd Place “Good To Be Alive” (Tap) Jack Beery. 5th Place “Just Come Home” (Lyrical) Lillian Ball. 6th Place “How To Save A Life” (Tap) Dalton Pinzon. 7th Place “Brain” (Open) Macy Berhens. 9th Place “Holy Water” (Contemporary) Patia Wolfe. 10th Place “Keeping Your Head Up” (Lyrical) Allison McElroy. TOP Elite 12-14 Duo/Trio Over – All Winner: 1st Place “Marry You” (Tap) Hudson Beery & Dalton Pinzon. 2nd Place “Birds” (Lyrical) Lillian Ball, Halie Gibson & Emma Luci. 3rd Place “Keep It 100” (Hip Hop) Paxton Beery & Kelsie Bliss. TOP Elite 12-14 Solo Over – All Winner: 1st Place “Tidal Wave” (Jazz) Emma Luci. 3rd Place “In My Head” (Jazz) Paige Brophy. 5th Place “Goodbye Goodnight” (Lyrical) Emery Wenz. 7th Place “Castle” (Jazz) Halie Gibson. TOP Intermediate 15-19 Small Group Over – All Winner: 2nd Place “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Lyrical) Nicole Birkel, Aja King, Bailey Leuty, Sadie Lewis, Hunter Long, Lucy Schwartz. TOP Intermediate 12-14 Duo/Trio Over- All Winner: 4th Place “Upside Down” (Jazz) Ava Freeman & Sophie Sherman. TOP Intermediate 12-14 Solo Over – All Winner: 7th Place “Trouble Me” (Jazz) Madilyn Lundy. TOP Intermediate 9-11 Small Group Over – All Winner: 2nd Place “Goodbye” (Jazz) Hudson Beery, Ava Freeman, Lexie Gibson, Addison Hasenpflug & Madilyn Lundy. 5th Place “Queen Bee” (Jazz) Caitlyn Kleinschmit, Ella Noecker, Haylee Schlender, Kaitlyn Scott & Sophie Sherman. TOP Intermediate 9-11 Duo/Trio Over – All Winner: 1st Place “Do Something Crazy” (Tap) Beaudree Ball & Paxton Beery. 3rd Place “Absolutely Final Goodbye (Tap) Beaudree Ball, Addison Hasenpflug & Caitlyn Kleinschmit. 4th Place “That Man” (Jazz) Hudson Beery, Lexie Gibson & Addison Hasenpflug. 5th Place “I Get To Love You” (Lyrical) Hudson Beery & Lexie Gibson. TOP Intermediate 9-11 Solo Over – All Winner: 1st Place “I Missed The Bus” (Tap) Paxton Beery. 4th Place “Miss Kiss” (Jazz) Addison Hasenpflug. TOP Primary 9-11 Small Group Over – All Winner: 2nd Place “I Can Make Your Hands Clap” (Tap) Dani Danburg, Hayden Danburg, Phoenix Decker, Kathleen Drummond, Kashtyn Mays, Mckenzie Ngu, Natalie Shield, Kylie Throener. TOP Primary 8 & Under Small Group Over – All Winner: 5th Place “Cool Rider” (Jazz) Phoenix Decker, Dottie Francisco, Ruby Francisco, Kamarie Jenkins, Mckinzey Lile, Natalie Shield, & Sidney Stephan. 8th Place “Morning Bird” (Lyrical) Dottie Francisco, Ruby Francisco, Kamarie Jenkins, Mckinzey Lile, Natalie Shield & Sidney Stephan. TOP Primary 8 & Under Duo/Trio Over – All Winner: 4th Place “All Shook Up” Emry Caudy, Asher Gooding & Alexis Leuty. Mr. Photogenic Award: Asher Gooding.


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