If you’ve noticed a decline in your aging parent or loved one’s ability to live independently, it’s time to consider the next steps. There are options available for full-time health care provided by nurses or what is referred to as long-term, skilled nursing. Determining when an older adult needs additional support is difficult, but it is extremely important to ensure they remain safe and healthy.

Here are seven signs that long-term, skilled nursing care is needed.

1. Loss of mobility

Are they having more difficulty getting around their home, keeping up with the housework and getting in and out of the bed or shower?

2. Poor nutrition

Is there spoiled or expired food in their home? Are they skipping meals or losing weight?

3. Medication mix-ups

Do they have unexpected test results (i.e. cholesterol or blood sugar) or symptoms that indicate they are not taking medicine properly? Is the dosage and timing of their prescriptions difficult for them to manage?

4. Bad hygiene

Are there changes or deficiencies in activities of daily living, such as brushing teeth, bathing and keeping linens and clothing clean?

5. Frequent falls

Do they have frequent bruises or injuries due to falls that suggest they need more help getting around?

6. Increase in care needs

Are they needing specialty care (i.e. wound care, physical therapy) more frequently? Do they need around-the-clock medical care beyond what you or their caregivers can currently provide?

7. Other changes

Do you notice small changes in behavior, frequent pain, illness or confusion?

If your loved one exhibits any of these signs, it is best to have the conversation about long-term, skilled nursing care sooner rather than later. Understand community resources, visit different providers to find one that suits their unique needs and feels comfortable. Talk it over with family members to make sure that it makes it easier to spend time together, call and visit. Meet the caregivers face-to-face to gauge the quality of care provided and give everyone peace of mind.

At Tabitha, long-term, skilled nursing care is so much more than a traditional nursing home. It IS home. From a family-focused environment to caring team members, clients receive exceptional care. The choice starts with two styles of skilled nursing living—Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Tabitha Residences, all of which have earned perfect five-out-of-five-star overall ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been named among the “Best Nursing Homes in Nebraska” by U.S. News & World Report based on superior scores from annual state surveys. The flagship skilled nursing community also boasts consistently high ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, along with excellent client satisfaction scores.

A true one-stop home for Seniors needing around-the-clock care, Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers:

• Expert Senior-focused rehabilitation therapy on-site, including two therapy gyms, aquatic therapy and more

• Private suites

• Family-centered environment

• Professional food and nutrition services

• Life enrichment group activities and social opportunities

• On-site beauty shop

• In-house consultation services provided by Tabitha Continuum Navigators, plus social services

Tabitha Residences

Tabitha also offers eight smaller Tabitha Residences—four on the main campus in Lincoln, two in South Lincoln’s Williamsburg neighborhood, and two in Crete, Neb. Each residence is home to 9-17 seniors and provides all the comforts of home along with exceptional nursing teams.

A unique focus in the Tabitha Residences is that of independence and choice. Clients direct their own lifestyle—including meal times, social activities, relaxation and more. This has been proven to deliver improved clinical outcomes, reduced hospitalization, decreased occurrence of loneliness and depression and unprecedented satisfaction among its residents.

Tabitha Residences are each unique, but offer dignity by design and similar amenities including:

• Private suites

• Wheelchair accessibility

• Open great room, centered around the hearth and adjacent to dining room

• Around-the-clock access to kitchen area

• Family-style meals

• Distinctive furnishings

• Front porch, back patio and beautifully landscaped green spaces

• Amenities such as whirlpool, salon services, and library

• Access control system gives families peace of mind

For more information about Tabitha’s exceptional long-term, skilled nursing care, contact a Tabitha Continuum Navigator at 402.486.8520, or visit Tabitha.org today.

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