The Lincoln High School Athletic Hall of Fame will induct 18 individuals, two teams, and present a family award and a special recognition award at its annual induction banquet Aug. 31.

The 1963-64 state champion boys gymnastics team, the 1914 state champion football team, Special Recognition Award winner Aaron Davis, and the Loos family will be among the honorees at the 6:45 p.m. dinner at the Lincoln Train Station. The induction banquet will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a social, followed by dinner and the awards program. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased through the Lincoln High School Athletic Office; call (402) 436-1536 to reserve a ticket.

Inductees will also be recognized Friday, Sept. 1 at the Lincoln High Homecoming football game scheduled for 6 p.m. at Beechner Athletic Complex.

This year’s inductees:


1963-64 state champion boys gymnastics team:

Coach – Phil Sprague

Assistant Coach – Dean Clawson

Team members – Don Baker, Dennis Barber, Ricky Bell, Harvey Bieber, John Cepurnieks, Steve Chandler, Gerald Frazier, Jim Hahn, Mickey Johnsen, Danny Kolb, Steve Lutman, Gary McKay, Bruce McLarty, Gene Simpson, Myron Sisel, Jim Stier, John Walker, Jim Williams, Dennis Winslow

1914 State Champion Football Team:

Coach – Harold “Mulli” Mulligan

Team members – Ed Albrecht, Henry Andrews, Hal Bowers, Harry Brian, William Busche, Irving Chapin, Oakley Cox, Arnold Frappia, Harold “Hal” McGlasson, Harold “Hal” McMahon, Thurston Morris, Robert Quick, Harold Schmidt, Marion Smith, Roy “Brick” True, Harold Webb, Lew Wilson, Farley Young

Individual inductees

Bob Bickert: Football, Swimming (1949)

Reynaldo Castro: Coach Diving (1988-Present)

Aaron Cotter: Gymnastics (1992)

Mickey Damian: Football, Swimming, Track (1973)

Clarence Drummond (deceased): Football (1922)

Marian Ekblad-Cushing (deceased): Girls Athletic Association Cup Award (1947)

Kahilya Ellis-Thomas: Track (1996)

Trevor Hill: Football, Wrestling (2000)

Paul Johnson: Cross Country, Basketball, Track (1981)

Gary King: Football, Basketball, Track (1969)

Roger O’Donnell (deceased): Football, Baseball (1943)

Stephanie Schilke-Hoos: Volleyball, Basketball, Track (1994)

Jim Tobin: (deceased): Track (1900)

Rolland “Ron” Wallick: Football, Wrestling (1958)

Robyn Weisbrook-Foster: Basketball, Track (1992)

Don Wilken: Football, Wrestling, Track (1983)

Jerry Wismer: Football, Wrestling (1960)

Aaron Davis: Special Recognition Award

Loos Family: Lincoln High Athletic Hall of Fame Family Award


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