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Dew-Right Tree Services can apply the finishing touch for all landscapes.


Has the cooler spring left you in a catch-up mode with your yard work?

Looking for professionally-installed mulch without disturbing your landscape?

Dew-Right Landscape Mulch & Installation Services believes that the focus of your property should be on your neatly mulched beds, not on the wheelbarrow tire tracks left behind.

Dew-Right Services, a locally-owned, family-run business for more than 25 years, has acquired a 40-cubic-yard Express Mulch Blower truck with 500 feet of hose to access different areas of your property. The blower installation allows for even mulch application, minimal landscape disturbance, and significantly reduces the time on your property as opposed to the traditional hand application.

“The blower installation creates a nice, consistent layer of mulch,” said company owner Dudley Reis, whose six employees include his sons, Brad and Jacob.

When you choose Dew-Right Mulch you’re getting aged, nitrogen-rich mulch, providing the soil with proper nutrients for exceptional plant growth. The premium mulch provided by Dew-Right comes in a variety of five colors: black, coffee brown, dark brown, red, and natural. With quality equipment designed to handle mulch projects of all sizes, Dew-Right has a number of commercial as well as residential accounts.

Dew-Right Services also provides tree removal and trimming service, stump grinding, debris removal, job cleanup with hand raking, lot and pasture clearing, and tree planting. Dew-Right owns its own crane and can handle tree removal projects ranging up to 100-foot trees.

For a free estimate on your project, call (402) 421-0870. To read more about Dew-Right Services, see


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