Music students advance to West Central Division of national competition

2012-01-05T14:05:00Z Music students advance to West Central Division of national competition
January 05, 2012 2:05 pm

The winners and representatives in the Nebraska state level of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) performance/composition competitions have advanced to West Central Division competitions scheduled Jan. 13-15 at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The division includes North and South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. Winners advance to the MTNA national competition in New York City, March 24-28. Following are results of all competitions recently held at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Only MTNA winners and representatives advance. (Teachers' names are in parentheses.)


• PIANO: winner, Dan Yu, (Nathan Buckner, Kearney); alternate: Trevor Magness, (Paul Barnes, Lincoln)

• WOODWINDS: winner, Nathan Mertens, Saxophone (Debra McKim, Hastings); alternate: Margaret Gregory, Flute (Debra Johnson, Hastings); honorable mention: Christopher Gugel, saxophone (David Nabb, Kearney) and David Kamran, clarinet (Diane Barger, Lincoln)

• WINDS CHAMBER MUSIC: Winner, Token Trio: Russell Peterson, piano; Nathan Mertens, alto saxophone; Margaret Gregory, flute; Zachary Peterson, piano (Debra McKim, Hastings); alternate: Scarlet Brass Quintet: Michael Kappan, trumpet; Meghan Henderson, trumpet; Ben Koch, horn; Joe Mumm, trombone; Chris Seidholz, tuba (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln)

• BRASS: winner, Ben Koch, French Horn (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln); alternate: Lee, Meredith, French Horn (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln); honorable mention: Taylor Delp, Horns (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln)

• CHAMBER MUSIC: representative, TriO! Lydia Selze, Violin; Katherine Turner, Piano, Hannah Mayer, Cello (James Johnson, Omaha)

• VOICE: representative, Lauren Rudolph, mezzo-soprano (Anne Foradori, Kearney)

• COMPOSITION: representative, David Jefferson (James Johnson, Omaha)


• PIANO: winner, Cassie Huang, (Paul Barnes and Ken Soh, Lincoln & Omaha, respectively); alternate: Xiongfei Zhang, (Paul Parker, Omaha); honorable mention: Harry Simmons, (James Johnson, Omaha)

• STRINGS: representative, Nadia Maudhoo, Violin (Anne Nagosky, Omaha)

• VOICE: representative, Jocelyn Morris, mezzo-soprano (Jo Riecker-Karl, Lincoln)

• COMPOSITION: winner, Lydia O'Keefe, (Regina Carnazzo, Omaha); honorable mention (Regina Carnazzo, Omaha)


• PIANO: winner, Elizabeth Rose Matthews (Anne Madison, Omaha); alternate: Jonathan Herman, (Paul Barnes, Lincoln); honorable mention: Emily Zhang, (Paul Parker, Omaha)

• WOODWIND: representative, Frank Deng, Saxophone (Paul Parker, Omaha)

• STRINGS: winner, Arjun Maudhoo, Violin (Anne Nagosky, Omaha); alternate: Pranav Subramaniam (Heejoung Kim, Omaha)

• COMPOSITION: winner, Amory Carnazzo, (Regina Carnazzo, Omaha); honorable mention: Kaitlyn Rozeboom (Regina Carnazzo, Omaha)


• COMPOSITION: winner, Will Carnazzo, (Regina Carnazzo, Omaha); honorable mention: Isaabella Skara, (Nancy Schoen, Lincoln)

Results of Nebraska-only competitions - (Nebraska-only winners do not advance)


• PIANO: winner, Trevor Magness (Paul Barnes, Lincoln); second, Zachary Peterson (Ruth Moore, Hastings)

• BRASS: winner, Meredith Lee (Allan Mattingly, Lincoln; second, Kirsten Lewis (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln); honorable mentions: Ben Koch and Taylor Delp (Alan Mattingly, Lincoln)

• WOODWIND: winner, Margaret Gregory (Deb Johnson, Hastings); second, Martin Ross (Diane Barger, Lincoln)


• PIANO: Winner, Xionfei Zhang (Paul Parker, Omaha); second, Ilya Shats (Paul Parker, Omaha)


• PIANO: winner, Elizabeth Matthews (Ann Madison, Omaha); second, Emily Zhang (Paul Parker, Omaha); honorable mention, Sean Lebita (Jo Riecker-Karl, Lincoln)

• WOODWIND: winner, Frank Deng (Paul Parker, Omaha)

A noncompetitive festival was held in conjunction with the NMTA state competitions for students who had qualified with at least a 2 or superior performance rating and a passing theory score at the district level. Students were required to play two memorized pieces for a performance rating and took a theory test. Those with performance ratings of 1-, 1 or 1+ received a trophy, and those with theory scores of 90% and above received an Honorary Theory Certificate. Performance ratings are no longer published. However, those with 100% theory scores at state are listed below.



The following received 100% on their theory tests (teachers' names in parentheses):

Grant Cole (Alexander), Payton Flower (Bell), Gabe Drew (Dunning), Paul Weist (Dunning), Hannah Horne (Galusha), Carson Hillhouse (Ghormley), Jonathan Quiros (Hill), Eric and Peter Cao (Holen), John and Kristie Le (Holen), Nicholas Sabata (Jenkins), Kara Jelinek (Jossi), Erin Cho (Kim), Niharika Devarayu (Mlynska), Wolfie Norgren (Mlynska), Lavanya Uppala (Mlynska), Nadio Maudhoo (Ono), Brady Otto (Pavuk),Carson Klein (Rogers), Cloey Nyberg (Semm), Paul Tran (Semm), Niranjana Balu (Shatswkaya), Cora Holt (Underwood).



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