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Big Fry Basketball had a banner season for team participation in the boys' division, with 10 teams competing in the relatively new fall league at the Salvation Army Community Center. Small Fry Basketball has now taken center stage. Small Fry is on holiday break until Jan. 8.


At the holiday break, the Durst Motor and Hamilton Equipment boy teams find themselves atop the Salvation Army’s Small Fry Basketball League standings.

Based on results submitted by league director Stanford Bradley, Hamilton Equipment and Durst Motor both reached the holiday break at 3-0, followed by Whitlow & Sons at 2-0.

On the girls’ side, Cornhusker Bank is off to a 2-0 start.

League play resumes Monday, Jan. 8 at the Salvation Army Community Center gym, 2625 Potter St. Small Fry Basketball is offered to boys and girls in grades 5-7.

Admission is $1 per session.

Results follow:

Dec. 16 boys’ scores

Star City Lions 47,

Sowers Club 36

Winners’ high scorers: Logan DeBoer 13, Gabe Schmidt 10; losers’ high scorers: Hounchga Cleveland 15, Lamari King 7.

Durst Motor 69,

First National Bank 29

Winners’ high scorers: Kuet Gatwech 20, Kajuan Sidney 16; losers’ high scorers: Carter Kroll 15, Kai Burky 4.

Cornhusker Bank 56,

Berks Barbershop 16

Winners’ high scorers: Travis Tilford 21, Lincoln Dush 20; losers’ high scorers: Miron Jabro 6, Elijiah Bluford 3.

Dec. 5 girls’ scores

Cornhusker Bank 40,

Foreman Agency 36

Winners’ high scorers: Keatyn Musiel 13, Brynn Sebek 9; losers’ high scorers: Kiana Wiley 14, Angel Martinez 9.

Timberwolves (CIP) 15,

Huskies (Heartland Optical) 11 (overtime)

Winners’ high scorers: Maddy Wardon 7, Gabby Drought 6; losers’ high scorers: Abrar Galab 5, Monica Guittierez 4.

Dec. 12 girls’ scores

Cornhusker Bank 30,

Lincoln Timberwolves (CIP) 21

Winners’ high scorers: Regan Barnard 8, Keatyn Musiel 7; losers’ high scorers: Gabby Drought 7, Lizzy Wortman 4.

Dec. 13 girls’ scores

Durst Motor 52,

Ready Mixed Concrete 22

Winners’ high scorers: Kuet Gatwech 20, Jake Hilkemann 12; losers’ high scorers: Mason Jacobs 9, Bug Carlson 5.

Whitlow & Sons 52,

Cornhusker Bank 45

Winners’ high scorers: Amon Whitlow 27, Jalen King 8; losers’ high scorers: Cooper Rice 16, Travis Tilford 10.

Dec. 9 boys’ scores

Sowers Club 47,

First National Bank 42

Winners’ high scorers: Caden Schmidt 18, Lamari King 14; losers’ high scorer: Kai Burky 15.

Hamilton Equipment 54,

Berks Barbershop 4

Winners’ high scorers: Jayden Pelan 17, Carter Templemeyer 12; losers’ scoring: Miron Jabro and Elijiah Bluford, 2 each.

Durst Motor Co. 58,

Cornhusker Bank 38

Winners’ high scorers: Kuet Gatwech 18, Lazarek Houston 8; losers’ high scorers: Reece Grosserode 16, Connor Roche 9.

Dec. 6 boys’ scores

Hamilton Equipment 58,

Star City Lions 24

Winners’ high scorers: Mo Reide 17, Jayden Pelan 8; losers’ high scorers: Ethan Ringler 6, Quinn Weatherholt 5.

Sowers Club 49,

Urgent Care 29

Winners’ high scorers: Hoonchga Cleveland 13, Karontay Jones 9; losers’ high scorers: Kaden Oltman 6, Quinn Waring 6.

Dec. 7 boys’ scores

Cornhusker Bank 47,

First National Bank 31

Winners’ high scorers: Jackson Kessler 14, Braden Fraggel 10; losers’ high scorers: Carter Kroll 11, Kai Burky 5.

Whitlow & Sons 42,

Ready Mixed Concrete 29

Winners’ high scorers: Amon Whitlow 14, Jalen King 12; losers’ high scorers: Mason Jacobs 13, Davis Jones 5.

Hamilton Equipment 2,

Ayars & Ayars 0 (forfeit)

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