You could be among the many Baby Boomers who are at that fork in the road and must decide: Do you wish to age successfully, or remain on the couch and have your condition deteriorate dramatically?

Chase the Spirit of Dance hopes you’ll choose the former. Studio owners Bob and Stephanie Chase have created a great lineup of fitness and dance classes designed to help with conditions ranging from osteoporosis to Parkinson’s disease.

If your lifestyle needs a bit more balance, the Tai Chi for Better Balance and Tai Chi Breathe & Stretch classes are a great place to start. Twice each week, instructors Marsha Dunn and Bob Chase lead two 45-minute, back-to-back classes designed to help older adults lower the risk of falling, as well as helping people with balance disorders.

“Any time we can get moving, the better,” said Dunn, a registered surgical nurse who has certificates in Beginning and Intermediate Therapeutic Tai Chi. She starts each Better Balance session with Tai Chi chair movement and moves on to a standing position.

At first glance, Tai Chi may appear to be a slow activity, but its benefits are significant, noted Bob Chase, whose Breathe & Stretch class follows Dunn’s session. “It’s based on abdominal breathing and exercises that build the core and strengthen the knees,” said Chase.

Need yet another reason to get moving and stay moving? Studies show that dance classes and Tai Chi sessions can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

In addition, doctors at the Mayo Clinic have concluded that Tai Chi can be effective in lowering the odds of osteoporosis through the buildup of bone mass.

“Tai Chi is all about body health and brain health,” Dunn reflected. “It’s not an aerobic exercise, but you’re creating energy flow and replenishing fluids.”

The two Tai Chi classes offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are among more than a dozen dance and fitness classes offered weekly at the new Chase the Spirit of Dance location at 1233 Libra Dr., behind the Fox Neighborhood Sports Bar & Grill. Payment options are per class, monthly membership, or through five- and 10-visit punch cards.

Call (402) 904-4091 or email for details.

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