Welcome back to all of Lincoln’s league bowlers. Hope everyone had a great summer and you have all your equipment in shape for the new season.

The scores needed to make this publication are 270+--725+ for men, 225+--580+ for ladies, 230+--625+ for senior men, 190+--510+ for senior women, 225+--600+ for youth boys and 200+--550+ or youth girls. Remember to let your secretary know if you have a score that qualifies for the paper.

The following is a little cleanup work from the summer; winners from major tournaments in the state and country are included. The Open State Tournament includes those in the top 10; women’s state, those in top 5; Greater Ozarks, top 10; Big Sioux, top 10; Open Nationals, top 100; and Women’s Nationals, top 50.

Good luck this season, and may you be included in this list next year.

Greater Ozarks

Jeff White/David Schilke 5th Doubles Greater Ozarks 1504 Scratch $3,100

Open State Championships

Jeff White/David Schilke Scratch & Handicap Doubles Champs 1585 $1,000

Scott Tharnish/Mark Heninng 4th Handicap Doubles 1465 $437

Barry Schneider 4th Handicap Singles 804 (Scratch) $251

Rick Miller 10th Singles 782 (Scratch) $126.50

Barry Schneider 3rd Scratch Singles 804 $154

Rob Stevens 4th Scratch Singles 803 $135

Rick Miller State 6th Scratch Singles 782 $118

Rick Miller State 3rd AE 2216 $132

Little Debbie Snack Cakes State Tournament Handicap Team Champion

Women’s State Championships

Sun Valley Lanes Div 2 Team Champions 2595

Annette Cooper Div 3 Singles 3rd 578

Carmen Manhart Div 4 Singles 2nd 558

Amanda Kotschwar Division 3 AE Champ 1692

Big Sioux Tournament

Hali Clark/Tyler Punteney 1st Doubles 1463 $1,000

April Campbell/Tyler Dunkle & Mark Porter/Rick Miller T5th 1395 $310

Tyler Punteney 2nd Singles 804 $500

Tyler Dunkle 5th Singles 746 $325

Tyler Punteney 2nd Handicap AE 2314 $265

Rick Miller 3rd Handicap AE 2212 $230

April Campbell 9th Handicap AE 2078 $100

2017 TAT Mid West Amateur Championships Diamond Jo Casino, Cherry Lanes, Dubuque, Iowa

True Amateur Tournament won by Mark Porter for $3,500

2017 TAT Amateur National Championships at Orleans in Las Vegas

Mark Porter 6th Place for $1,500

2017 Open Championships

Clint Johnson (former Lincoln)/Rick Miller 7th Regular Doubles 1417 $2,300

Russ Davison/Angela Hutchings 30th Classified Doubles 1055 $828

GDDA (Kevin Dunkle, Kelsey Dunkle, Tyler Dunkle

Alicia Kreatz & April Campbell) 63rd Standard Team 2631 $1,460

2017 Women’s USBC Championships

Melanie Crawford/Shannon Pluhowsky 34th Diamond Doubles 1200 $124

Shannon 7th Diamond Team (Melanie Crawford/Shannon Pluhowsky) 2421 $688

Sampson Construction (Tara Meyer, Roxane Graham, Kathy Fujan & Connie Ortlieb) 19th Ruby Team 2015 $426

Mentally Challenged (Michelle Anderson, Eunice Anderson, Geraldine Rettig & Erin Rettig) 31st Emerald Team $1,060


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