Annette Dubas launches governor campaign

2013-09-22T15:45:00Z 2015-11-10T17:21:14Z Annette Dubas launches governor campaignBy DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal Star

State Sen. Annette Dubas kicked off her bid for the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination Sunday with a campaign event at the Dubas family farm near Fullerton.

"I am running for governor to make sure all of our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to receive a quality education, enjoy satisfying and good-paying jobs, and settle down in vibrant, safe communities to raise their own families," Dubas told supporters.

Dubas, a two-term state senator, will embark on a campaign tour to a dozen communities to launch her campaign.

Dubas is the only woman among the seven candidates who have entered the gubernatorial race. Republicans are sporting five candidates so far, and Dubas faces former University of Nebraska Regent Chuck Hassebrook of Lyons in the Democratic contest.

In her announcement remarks, Dubas pointed to the need to address high local property taxes in the state; assure access to health care, including protection of rural hospitals; provide needed support for education.

"It's important to recognize our community colleges and their amazing work providing affordable education and adapting curriculum to meet specific job requirements," Dubas said.

"We need to value the importance of a two-year degree," she said.

"We need to grow our own workforce in our schools across this state and then keep our young people here with the promise of a good job when they graduate."

Dubas noted that as a state senator she voted for the largest tax cut in Nebraska history.

"But more needs to be done," she said, "particularly in the area of property taxes."

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