Papillion pig

Kris Epps-Martinez said she caught Tori the pig after the pig shot out of a cornfield and eventually ran into 72nd Street and was clipped by a car but kept running.

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PAPILLION — Papillion officials say a pet pig that ran away from home for more than a week must now find a new home.

The 5-month-old potbellied pig named Tori captured the attention of the Omaha suburb last week as word spread on social media of its escape. Dozens of volunteers turned out to try to catch the pig before it darted out of a cornfield Sept. 6 and was hit by a car. A veterinarian later had to amputate the pig's right rear leg.

Now, the Nebraska Humane Society has told owner Jo Ann Hagan she has 30 days to find a new home for Tori and another pig, because pet pigs aren't allowed in Papillion.

Bellevue, Springfield and Omaha allow pigs. The Humane Society has told Hagan she can find someone in one of those cities to take the pigs or surrender them to the Humane Society, which would find them homes.


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