Pat Wray

Pat Wray, chair of the Elmwood Village Board, holds plans for the renovation of the town park.

Courtesy photo

Election officials have verified 83 signatures on a petition to recall Pat Wray, chairwoman of the Elmwood Village Board.

According to Cass County Election Commissioner Nancy Josoff, 77 signatures were needed.

A letter with the results of the recall petition was sent to Wray and the village board in late December. Unless Wray resigns, the board must schedule an election sometime in the next 30-75 days.

The recall petition followed a turbulent fall, when three members of the five-member Elmwood Village Board — Jack Hovick, Brody Baer and Mike Krass — abruptly resigned.

In his resignation letter, Baer said that Wray's actions during her time as chairwoman were rude, unethical and illegal.

Without a quorum, a special election was called to fill the vacancies. Brandon Collins, Miki Bruns and Trenton Shrader were elected Dec. 12.

Wray was appointed to the board in 2014 and elected to a four-year term in 2016. 

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