Police officers responding to reports of gunfire at an Omaha mall where nine people were killed in a shooting five years ago said no shots were fired early Friday.

Employees and Black Friday shoppers at the Westroads Mall called police to say they heard gunfire and officers arrived at about 1 a.m. Others called media outlets to say they were hiding in bathrooms and panicking because they'd lost touch with their kids or other shopping companions.

Omaha Officer James Shade said there had been a fight between shoppers but that no shots were fired. He said people heard the sound of trash cans or standing signs being knocked over — not gunfire.

One person was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Nineteen-year-old Robert Hawkins fatally shot eight people and himself at the mall on Dec. 5, 2007.

Officers also checked on reports of a shooting at Oak View Mall in southwest Omaha but found no signs that shots had been fired. No shoppers were injured at the mall in a shopping-related melee, but a shoplifting suspect detained by mall security officers had loudly and vigorously resisted being taken into custody and had used pepper spray on the officers and a store employee, police said in a news release.

In Lincoln, a 30-year-old woman told police she'd been punched in the left eye, shattering her glasses at the Younkers store at Gateway Mall.

The woman who allegedly punched her told police the two had gotten into a shoving match after the victim started ducking under tables and cutting in line to get bargains.

Neither shopper was arrested. Police didn't see any major injuries.

A representative for the store declined to comment.