Ravenna, eclipse 8.21.17

More than 500 people reserved seats at a baseball field in Ravenna to watch the total eclipse Monday.

KAYLA WOLF, Journal Star

RAVENNA -- When Paul Jones was 7 years old, he wrote the date Aug. 21, 2017, in a notebook as his chance to view a total solar eclipse.

So in Ravenna on Monday, Jones and eight family members reunited in matching yellow T-shirts, traveling from Maryland, Wisconsin and North Carolina. For some family members it was their first solar eclipse, but for Lewis Leavitt, Jones’ father-in-law, it was his fifth.

“He is kind of an eclipse-chaser,” Sarah Leavitt said of her father, as he nodded in agreement.

Over 500 people reserved spots to view the eclipse from the town's ball fields, but others looked up from the Ravenna Golf Club and Annevar Park.

According to a world map, where guests were asked to add thumbtacks displaying where they were from, most were from the United States, but there were visitors from Europe, Japan and Australia.

Leading up to the moment of totality, the crowd was loud, listening to music and enthusiastically awaiting the cosmic alignment. Then, just as the moon completely blocked the sun, the mood changed.

Quiet wonderment. And another eclipse to add to the list.

-- Kayla Wolf


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