Letter, 3/14: Preschool not likely to help

2013-03-13T23:55:00Z Letter, 3/14: Preschool not likely to help JournalStar.com
March 13, 2013 11:55 pm

Regarding the statement in the March 8 editorial "Nebraska's kids have been through too many botched reforms," that is a very wise observation.

Please consider the possibility that dumping toddlers -- especially toddlers who have been developmentally damaged by life in inadequate families -- into state-run or state-mandated preschool "education" programs is a "reform" that is inherently botched even before it is implemented.

America, including Nebraska, has tried for nearly five decades to use K-12 classrooms as all–purpose social hospitals to repair such injuries. That effort is a complete and continuing failure. Bad parents simply have too big a head start.

Even five academic years of preschool -- which would total about 5,000 hours in class -- is too small a fraction of the 50,000 hours between conception and kindergarten. K-12 schools have nearly 14,000 hours of class time with each child, and they are utterly unable to restore what inadequate households have destroyed.

There is no reason to believe that preschools can perform miracles that K–12 schools cannot perform.

Rob Bligh, Omaha

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